Video: A to Z of Hepatitis B

How was this resource developed?

This resource was made by youth from Fairfield Intensive English Centre (IEC). We worked closely with the newly arrived youth from communities at high risk of chronic hepatitis B. Youth were coached on hepatitis B education and its link to liver cancer. A creative producer was engaged to work with the youth in developing innovative messaging in raising awareness of CALD communities at risk of chronic hepatitis B.

The youth created art pieces including photography, posters, paintings and a video detailing hepatitis B messages for the community. The artwork depicts a range of innovative messages that address the issues surrounding stigma, myths and misconceptions associated with chronic hepatitis B and liver cancer.

This video includes key messages on disease transmission, vaccination, prevention,  treatment and dispels myths. Students also developed a booklet with information on hepatitis B, which contains the students’ artwork.

Languages: English


Who is this resource for?

This video has several messages embedded

  • It could be used as an ice-breaker in any school, intensive English classes, migrant resource centre community health talks, introduction to hepatitis B in light and friendly manner.
  • Importance of vaccination- key one line message – remember to vaccinate
  • Could be played in the GP clinics, surgeries, community and health centres